Xtracycle + Yepp = A Winning Combo for Families

With more and more families relinquishing their cars in favor of green alternatives, cargo bikes and kids’ seats are making serious waves on SF streets. The Freewheel is proud to carry Xtracycle cargo bikes and Yepp children’s seats in a wide variety of build options. If you’ve ridden by the shop lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen our Xtracycle display proudly sitting atop the parklet and in our front window. We stock both mechanical and electric cargo bikes  depending on what your family needs to get around. Read on to learn about Xtracycle’ models see which bike works best for you.

Xtracycle offers four different mechanical bike builds starting around $2000. The Edgerunner series comes in two different sizes and a generously upright riding position, accommodating a wide range of riders. The 20″ rear wheel keeps your cargo lower to the ground, improving handling and allowing for a maximum load of up to 400lbs (including rider).


Each model of the Xtracycle Edgerunner has unique features for every type of rider. Check out the upgraded Edgerunner 27D for improvements like powerful Avid BB-7 brakes and ultra-tough Schwalbe Big Ben tires. The 30D features the even more powerful Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes for those who want the best braking in every situation.

Not everyone enjoys the feeling of searing quads, even less so when you’ve got two or three passengers in tow. That’s why the Freewheel expanded our Xtracycle inventory to include their electric models as well, now featuring the smoothest, most responsive pedal-assist motor on the market: the Bosch Performance Motor.


The Xtracycle Edgerunner 10E outfitted with the Bosch Performance motor boasts speeds up to 20mph. This pedal-assist motor kicks in when you start pedaling and offers up to 275% support in the highest setting. Forget the struggle up city hills; this machine conquers the steepest ascents with ease, even when carrying precious cargo.

Most impressive about this pedal assist motor is its ability to detect gear shifting and adjust motor output accordingly. That means that as you shift, the Bosch system adapts its torque automatically, relieving stress off your bike’s drivetrain components and increasing ride comfort and smoothness.

The Bosch Electric Xtracycle Edgerunner 10E retails for $5499 and accommodates the whole family of Edgerunner accessories and Yepp carriers.

To keep up with the changing demands of families, the Freewheel also stocks Xtracycle accessories and Yepp carriers for all Xtracycle models.


Yepp: For kids ages four and under, the Yepp Maxi Easyfit can be seamlessly installed right into the Xtracycle top deck. Yepp has now set the standard for child seats, with international accolades from the Netherlands and domestic awards from The Chicago Athenaeum. The Yepp Maxi Easyfit retails for $200 and comes in 10 bold colors.

Xtracycle Accessories: Ensuring that your passengers are happy and comfortable is easy with the wide variety of Xtracycle add-ons. The $250 Family Pack contains the Hooptie and U-Tubes, a must-have for keeping little hands and feet safe while riding. The $40 Magic Carpet provides extra cushion to absorb any bumps in the road and can be used in conjunction with a Yepp Maxi to carry multiple kids.

The Freewheel currently has several floor models fully assembled and ready for test ride. Come by the shop and see why so many parents are ditching the minivan and investing in these two-wheeled family wagons.

Be on the lookout in early 2016 for the Xtracycle Leap, a conversion kit that turns your existing bike into an Xtracycle longtail cargo machine. This design builds upon their successful predecessor the FreeRadical and works with almost all adult bikes and wheel sizes.

photo credit: Top picture courtesy of the SF Bike Coalition. Last photo courtesy of Mark Thomas & Xtracycle