Di2 Making the Cut at the Tour

When it comes to innovation, Shimano has time and again proven itself to be ahead of the game. Although we appreciate their advances in fishing reel technology, for our intents and purposes, the new Di2 electronic shifting system has been met with considerable enthusiasm. Riders in this year’s Tour (de France, bien sur) have embraced the new technology as the new standard in shifting.

The reasons for this are clear when we take into consideration the fact that Di2 provides a number of advantages over traditional analog shifting systems:

1) Mid-sprint shifting: We know that shifting under load can lead to a fair amount of complaining from the drive train, not to mention the risk of dropping your chain. Di2 puts enough force behind the chain mid-shift to ensure a predictable and reliable transition to the desired gear.

2) Consistency up front: Related to the mechanics that allow for mid-sprint shifting, Shimano’s Di2 guarantees the rider a consistent shift in the front derailleur. Perhaps one of the most frustrating technical issues, riders are no longer subject to an inconsistent shift stemming from a collision of variables such as fatigue, topography, tuning, and pedal position. The Di2 front derailleur shifts perfectly, every time.

3) Auto-trimming: Perhaps the most entertaining feature of Di2. Like an auxiliary robot sidekick in a sci-fi flick, Di2 will automatically trim the front derailleur as its counterpart moves laterally in the back.

4) Weight: Oldies but goldies. A light groupset is always a winner with gram counters. Dura Ace Di2 comes out to 2375 grams for the groupset; the mechanical version weighs in at 2111g.

5) Simplicity: Push-button shifting. Easy.

The Tour is considered the primary proving ground for new revolutions in cycling technology and Di2 looks to be the new up-and-coming. Giant’s TCR Advanced 0 and Advanced SL 0 are two models that the Freewheel currently has in stock that come highly recommended. Come visit us at the Freehweel when you’re looking to take the next step into the future of shifting!