SRAM Quarq Powermeter: getting amped about performance.

SRAM Quarq powermeter road crankset

SRAM Quarq powermeter road crankset

TCR Advanced SL, Ksyrium SL wheelset, SRAM Red groupset and your buddies are still beating you on that climb? If it’s not related to your own excess consumption of burritos and booze, the dreaded performance plateau is probably one of the most frustrating obstacles in any sport. When businesses look to raise the ceiling, it comes down to monitoring performance and fine-tuning their operations. Capacity building, operational monitoring and bottom lines; buzzwords that don’t relate to bikes at all, but could be analogously stretched to bring the point home. The best way to break your plateau is to look to places where you can make small, measurable gains and fine tune the overall machine.

As a cyclist, your buzzwords should be cadence and wattage. SRAM developed the Quarq as a way to provide riders with plenty of information and statistics to help them get the most out of the training.

The Quarq is essentially a modified crankset that uses high-precision censors to monitor a rider’s performance, transferring the data through a transmitter that is ANT+ compatible (a popular system used by the Garmin Edge, Cycle Ops Joules and others). The cranks are compatible with GXP, Press Fit, BB 30, Press Fit 30, and BBright bottom bracket systems.

The information you gather from the Quarq will allow you to track your own wattage and output averages or even match it up against riders from Le Tour. This crushing reality check aside, you will more importantly begin to understand more about how you ride and where you can make improvements. Run your performance like you’d run a business, make your gains and take on the competition.

The various Quarq models are now available at the Freewheel. You’re welcome to call us with any questions you may have about the Quarq, you might be better off seeking aggregate capacity management advice elsewhere.

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