TCR Advanced SL 0: Standing on the shoulders of giants.

TCR Advanced SL 0 2012

TCR Advanced SL 0 2012

TCR Advanced SL 0 special offer:

Was: $10,300

Demo Special: $7750

The cycling world has been privy to the some of the most commendable (and questionable) innovations over the years: synthetic rubber, aluminum rims, clipless pedals, splined seat posts, the extra-long 80s cranks aLe’Monde, carbon fiber and the novel fascination with noseless saddles. While a number of these innovations have faded off into the annals of history, some have become more commonplace, indeed game-changing.

As a leader in frame design and manufacturing, Giant has distilled the progress of history into one bike. The TCR Advanced SL 0 brings together top-of-the-line carbon, lightweight aero wheels, ultra-light componentry and cycling’s newest innovation, electronic shifting.

Shimano’s Dura Ace Di2 electronic shifting is pushing the envelope for riders around the world. The competetive advantages of electronic shifting are noticeable immediately. Mid-sprint gear changes and automatic trimming are particularly helpful among stiff competition. It’s also nice to know that you won’t drop your chain at a critical point in the race nor will you be menaced by a slightly out-of-tune derailleur midway through an epic ride.

The frame is born to compete. Its geometry has been favored for high intensity racing and built around the idea that a frame’s job is to bear the rider efficiently and comfortably through the race. Giant is one of the few companies in the world to be completely responsible for the manufacture of its frames from the ground up. Nanotube technology, continuous fiber technology and fusion process assembly help shave off unnecessary weight, while precision engineering and design tailor the frame into a standard for power transfer. Add an ANT+ compatible sensor built in to the frame and you’ve got a winning combination.

With the creation of the TCR Advanced SL 0, Giants engineers are, as it were, standing on the shoulders of giants. The bike is a culmination of decades of innovation topped off with cutting edge development. Ultimately the bike will give the rider an incredible advantage for much less than boutique bikes of a similar caliber. Look at it this way: Lamborghini’s come from Italy, but so do Fiats.

The TCR Advanced SL 0 is now available at the Freewheel.


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