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Colnago Extreme Power


Colnago Extreme Power 54cm SOLD

Colnago built the Extreme Power frame with riders like Alessandro Petacchi in mind. Alessandro is known for his incredible ability to dispense 180 kilograms per pedal stroke. The flared chainstays are designed to put all those kilos of power through the drivetrain and down to the road. Most of us probably wouldn’t come close to that, but feel free to use this silky smooth dream machine to commute in enviable excess. If nothing else, the lugged design is rare among carbon bikes and makes for a handsome piece.

2009 BMC Pro Machine SLC01(Demo’d) 55cm
2009 BMC Pro Machine SLC01 55cm

BMC 2009 ProMachine 55cm $2400->$1750 (demo’d 55cm $1600)

BMC is proud of their nano tube technology. Nano tubes are specifically the way in which the carbon fibers are held together. Rather than using pure epoxy to bond the carbon fibers, nano tube epoxy mixes loose carbon nano tubes into the epoxy and thereby utilizes more carbon throughout the epoxy, ultimately reducing the weight of the bike by… not a whole lot. What really makes the Pro Machine race worthy is the fact that BMC has produced yet another stiff, light and responsive frame. It’s not as upright as the Team Machine and as such is more suited to criterium racing or ‘shorter’ rides. Freewheel has two 55cm models available, one of which has been deomo’d.

2010 BMC Team Machine SLR01 55cm

BMC 2010 Team Machine 55cm $3850->$2790

The Team Machine is BMC’s pride and joy. Not only is it light (860 grams), but the BB30 gives the rider an incredible amount of stiffness through the drivetrain. This explains the unusually thin seat stays, which help reduce the overall weight and drag, and produce a softer ride. It also takes advantage of a tapered head tube and fully carbon fork which produce, well, you get the picture.

2010 BMC Race Master SLX01 52cm

BMC 2010 Race Master 52cm $2000->$1500

This is a replica frame of George Hincapie’s whip that makes Captain America look Canadian. The base of the frame is aluminum fused with a carbon upper. What that means is the stiffness of aluminum in the climbs combines with the suppleness of carbon on rougher roads. If you’re thinking that you might not consider this frame because of its brazen attitude, the frame doesn’t want you to ride it.

2010 BMC Cross Machine CX02 58cm

BMC 2010 Cross Machine 58cm $1200->$1050

Unfortunately BMC’s boutique appeal wasn’t enough to convince its marketing team to continue this line into 2011. It is a hidden gem among cyclo-cross bikes. Light, stiff, tough. The predominately aluminum frame benefits from the reduced weight and smoothness of an Easton EC70 fork. Several of the shop’s riders in last year’s BASP Series had good things to report about the frame’s performance.

2009 Giant TCR Advanced SL Integrated Seatpost Medium/Large

Giant 2009 TCR Advanced SL M/L $3450->$2900

Quintessential Giant sprint and crit bike. Made for speed, acceleration and climbing. The integrated seat post helps cut weight and gives the rider a better connection with the bike.

2011 Giant TCR Advnaced SL Medium/Large and Large

Giant 2011 TCR Advanced SL M/L and L $2800->$1990

It’s tough to say too much about the TCR Advanced SL. Bang for the buck, the TCR Advanced SL is easily one of the best in its class. Unless you’re specifically looking for ‘something different’, the TCR is more than simply race-worth. In 2011 Giant took the engineering of these frames to a new level. A number of innovative engineering technologies helps create lighter and stiffer frames. The oversized bottom bracket improves power transfer. The rectangular downtube and oversized toptube wrap around a tapered 1 1/8″ to 1 1/4″ headtube to give the rider an even stiffer frame in high-torque sprints. Finally, Giant’s engineers, taking full advantage of carbon’s versatility, were able to put the frames together in way that maintained the frame’s lateral rigidity but allowed for a supple ride vertically. And for all the gram counters out there, you’ll be happy to know it’s really light. The medium/ large frame weighs in at an impressive 1760 grams.

2011 Giant TCX Advanced SL

Giant 2011 TCX $2900->$2600

It’s fortuitous that the manufacturing schedules for most major bike brands start up around October-November every year, obliging bike shops to move out older stock at lower cost and conveniently coinciding with the beginning of cyclo-cross season. Like the race it’s made for, this frame mixes two complete opposites: wild extravagance and frugality. The TCX holds its own in Worlds; Rabobank riders have sworn allegiance, but it’s far from the most you could spend on a frame of this quality. Get it before the mud dries.

2008 Look Limited Edition Piet Mondrian 586 Large

Look 2009 Mondrian 586 Large $4400->$2795

Piet Mondrian was actually a Dutch painter, but he struck a chord with the Parisians after a number of lengthy stays in The City of Lights. Look apparently feels that the best way to express their admiration for the De-Stijl Limner is to design a baller frame in his honour. This is a limited edition frame, number 36 of 50 in the whole universe. The 586 is otherwise one of Look’s most aggressive frames, comparable in geometry to other crit or sprint bikes; the Mondrian 586 combines unbeatable speed and… stijl.


2009 Look 586 Origin (XL)

$4000->$ 2950

Look 586 Frame

Look 586

The Look 586 is an aggressive frame built for speed and agility. High performance carbon is wrapped in a way that maximizes power transfer but keeps the static from the road to a minimum.

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